Advertising With Us

Our aim is to create the most comprehensive wedding directory in South Africa, so the barriers to being listed are as low as... free!

The main difference between and other directory sites is that we focus on delivering quality leads to our venues & suppliers. It's all very well having tens of thousands of page views a month (which we do), but unless those visitors convert into leads, it's of no use to our customers.

We also believe in earning the right to have you as our customers and proving our worth before asking you to pay us a cent. As such, all listings get their first 3 leads per month absolutely free. After that, if you'd like to continue receiving quality leads from us, you can upgrade to a featured supplier.

As well as no restrictions on the number of leads per month, featured suppliers benefit from:

  • Priority over free listings when enquiries are submitted by brides/grooms (on average, 8x the number of listings)
  • Receiving the full email details of the bride/groom (free listings use the Confetti built-in email messaging service)
  • Listing at the top of their relevant categories in the directory (receiving, on average, 4x the number of profile views)

All upgrades are on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel at any time. No lengthy contracts, no lock-in periods.

As an example of the number of leads we generate, we generated 7,902 leads for our customers in January 2022 alone.

Silver Listing
  • Up to 15 leads/month
  • Can view cellphone and email details for leads
  • Shows above free listings on the category/region pages
  • 5 times as many views/clickthroughs (on average) as a basic profile
  • Your website and phone contact details are shown on your profile
  • Only R150/month for non-venues, R200/month for venues
Gold Listing
  • No limit on leads received per month
  • Details for all existing leads released immediately
  • Can view cellphone and email details for leads
  • Shows at the top of the category/region pages
  • Your website and phone contact details are shown on your profile
  • Only R200/month for non-venues, R300/month for venues

If you're not looking to upgrade just yet, we have a few other options for listing on Confetti:

Basic Listing
This is where all Confetti listings start out... adding your details for a basic listing is completely free and there are no setup fees, no monthly fees, nix, nada, nothing! If your business isn't already listed, contact us to send through your details. Once your business is listed, the order in which it displays on the site depends on a number of factors, including whether you've added a description, uploaded photos and the number of reviews you've received. So, to appear as high as possible as a basic listing, make sure your profile is up to date!

Site Partners
We love it when people share the Confetti love, so in return for you adding a link from your site to ours, we'll give you a little boost up the listings to become a site partner, showing above the basic listings.

In the future we'll be adding more advertising opportunities, but if you have a great idea that you'd like to run past us, we're all ears!

Other Advertising

We offer various other methods to reach our audience, via our Facebook page (over 5,000 followers) and visitors to our website (between 20,000 and 30,000 page views per month).

Facebook post - R1,500/post
Consists of an image and a link to your Facebook page/URL on your website.

Sitewide Banner Ad - R3,000/month
Consists of a banner advert at the top of our site, linked through to a URL of your choice.

Discounts are given for multiple months/posts (and combinations). Please note that this does not include the designing of images and banners.

Why Upgrade?
  • 8x the quantity of leads
  • No long contracts
  • Full contact details of bride/groom
  • Priority listing in the directory
In May
  • 2,344 Venue leads
  • 175 Photographer leads
  • 21 Marriage Officer leads
  • 293 Other leads