The Proposal

South Africa is very well known for its gold. A shortage of inspiration is not something to worry about nowadays when it comes to fashion; gold is not just a traditional colour anymore but now it comes in a variety of hues such as pink gold, rose gold, canary gold and we will probably hear of a new variation that we didn’t know was possible soon. So you can just imagine how much fun we had when we decided to have a wedding photo shoot inspired by the goodness of a South African natural resource and a color that will always stand the test of time.

The Planning

Casablanca Manor was the perfect setting - they also provided the flowers and decor, of course - while model Tumi was the perfect bride by the way she fully embraced the theme, adding her own golden personality. Tumi’s dress was taken into consideration to include all of the above, which is wonderful because after all, the dress is the most important part of your wedding day. Well...not including your vows.

Looking Back

The setting is Casablanca Manor, owned by the exuberant Kobus Vermaak and his sweet as a button wife Lynn. This couple, along with their staff, are fully dedicated to giving all of their clients - from businessmen in suits to gushing brides - a state of the art event. Whatever theme you ask for, they know how to incorporate and will completely transform the venue into a wonderland of your imagination. You will be blown away.