The Proposal

Wow, so where do I begin?
Craig proposed to me in the Kruger in November 2014.
We searched all day for the perfect spot. I said "Let's go here and look at the view." He was so persistent we get out the car, it was still so hot. He says "Go stand over there, look at the view." As I turn away he puts the camera down.
I look back as he grabs my hand. He goes on one knee and proposes. Hand to my mouth, tears in his eyes. Was a great moment. I only remember one thing that was said and that is "you know how much I love you"
My ring is stunning, it's the Georgian ring from Browns, white gold with diamonds on the band. He surprised me one day and said "Let's go look at rings." This one was one of the rings we both liked. I obviously have to choose the most expensive one, so at least this was more affordable.
I had a slight suspicion that he would ask me because he can't lie and I figured out that he went to ask my parents. At least he is a bad liar!

The Planning

I mostly did everything. Had bridesmaids do a few things as well to take the load off. I was given a whole crate of hessian from a wedding. Knife and fork holders, hessian menu holders. So that was my base theme. I went for earthy, wooden centre pieces, glass jars with hessian. Purple was a prominent theme. Butterflies too, recycling was very important to me, why let things go to waste. Most stressful thing was sorting out marriage officer, I didn't receive the paperwork until 2 weeks before as my email didn't receive it a month prior. And I would say family stresses you out, as well as last minute cancellations, when you have already paid for food.

Looking Back

Favourite memory, walking down the aisle, Craig's emotion and crying.
First dance. Partying the night away.
Advice would be do something small every month towards the wedding, so it's not a big cost in one month. Don't let anyone tell you how to do your wedding, everyone thinks they have the best idea and that you should do it. Family drama does arise. Just do what you need to do. Exclude yourself from negativity. You dont need it. IT'S YOUR day. NOT theirs.