The Proposal

Well this was very special to me. I have been playing bowls for the past 15 years and met my husband through his cousin who played bowls with me. He then started playing too once we started dating and loved the sport. My birthday is 23 November and he promised me that he was going to do something special for me, we were going for dinner but dress up and go somewhere we have not been before. So all I got told was to wear a pretty dress and that's it. The suspense killed me. On the evening of the 22 Nov 2014 I got dressed and he blindfolded me. We literally drove in circles and I could not stop asking questions. Eventually we got to the place and he led me down a long path(still blindfolded)at this point I was convinced we were at the beach as the wind was blowing and there was a chill in the air. When we finally came to a standstill and he took my blindfold off we were standing in the middle of a bowling green surrounded by all our family and friends holding sparklers and shouting SURPRISE. I was in complete shock and couldn't believe he had done all of this for my birthday...until I turned around to thank him...There he was on one knee asking me in front of all our friends and family to spend the rest of my life with him..WOW..something I will never forget. After I said YES everyone joined us for eats and drinks and we had a fantastic evening. He chose the ring himself and I couldn't have asked for better...He planned the whole thing for months with our parents...everything was perfect.

The Planning

I loved every bit of planning my wedding I had a lot of help from parents and my maid of honour but I really enjoyed every minute. I did a lot of DIY to add a person touch to our wedding. We both love outdoors so our venue was perfectly suited for us. Very old and rustic and our decor was plain and simple but pretty and detailed. We got married outdoors under the trees which made the photos gorgeous. We loved every second of our wedding and Would not change a thing. We danced the night away.

Looking Back

My favourite moment of our wedding would be all of it, we honestly enjoyed everything and tried to take in everything through all the chaos. I would honestly tell brides to be to be calm on the day try to relax and just take it as it comes. Things will go wrong and time won't always be on track but just enjoy it as it happens. I was extremely calm and just tried to take it all in. The day goes super quick and what we did was just sneak off and catch up with each other talk about your day and realise that it is your day. Things are busy all the time and now and then you just need a moment to yourself and groom to just absorb what's happening.