The Proposal

The proposal happened at boulders beach on the 26 December 2014. He asked me to close my eyes and while I did that, he put a bracelet around my arm which read the following: "Say yes." And when I opened my eyes, my prince charming was on his knees asking me to marry him. Without a doubt I said YES!

Since the proposal was a surprise, the ring was also a surprise.

The Planning

My favourite thing about planning my wedding was collecting jars as my wedding favours, which was part of my wedding DIY project. I had the most amazing wedding planner, who made sure that everything was sorted. My fiance at that time was not present during the wedding planning because he was working in the UK and that stressed me out, thinking he may not make it home in time for our big day.

My wedding theme was rustic. Research and prior weddings inspired my decor and theme.

Looking Back

My favourite memory of my wedding day, was walking down the aisle with my brother and seeing the contentment and excitement on the face of my husband.

Advice to other brides: Remember the 5 P's when planning your wedding [Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.] Once you implement the 5 P's, you'll have the wedding that you always dreamt of.
Also, invest in a good photographer, make sure they are creative because pictures are important, if you want to remember your beautiful day.

To me, my wedding was perfect and very well organised. I don't think there is anything I wish I could change.